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Peace Beads is committed to generating global peace, envisioning a world in which every human being may enjoy freedom and self-expression. Today’s Peace Beads are a symbol of this vision, given by one person to another in the same spirit that made original peace beads popular in the 1960s.

Peace Beads are made by communities in need, fostering the opportunity for increased stability and prosperity. Our first design is specially crafted by Native Americans of the North American High Plains, bringing together members of different tribes working harmoniously, creating a model for international peace. We also support various non-profit groups, schools and communities that share our philosophy. These relationships enable us to assist in raising funds to support the overall cause and to reach more people with the message of peace and freedom.

Fundraising Opportunities
Our fundraising opportunities include the following. Our partners may choose one or more options, whichever works best for them:

Wholesale Purchase
Peace Beads partners have the opportunity to purchase our product at wholesale cost, enabling them to raise funds by selling the product themselves at the retail price. Registered Peace Beads partners may sell product at events, concerts, shops and pre-approved venues.

Website Link Sales
This is our most popular form of fundraising assistance. A Peace Beads partner is able to sell our product at the retail price simply by adding a Peace Beads website ( link to his/her website. We will provide that organization with a reference number, which will identify supporters as they make purchases on the Peace Beads website. In short, we handle the entire sales and fulfillment process for our partners and a portion of each sale is remitted to their organization.

Website Link Marketing
With this type of arrangement, our partner simply includes a link on his/her website pointed to the Peace Beads website. Visitors will have the opportunity to link directly to a fundraising site that reaches people worldwide. In addition, we may provide a reciprocal link to the website further spreading the message of peace and freedom.

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